Relax and Renew

Doe Bay is a place to retreat and unwind.

Your blood pressure will drop and you will breathe easier as soon as you step on the property. You will not watch a television or listen to a radio or use a phone for days on end. We have wireless but find that most guests choose to disconnect.

Let your mind and body relax and open to the beauty around you.

Soaking Tubs & Sauna


Begin or finish your day in the warm heart of Doe Bay: our clothing-optional soaking tubs and sauna which boast some of the best views in the area.


Three women in a yoga class.

Continue your yoga practice or try it out for the first time with one of our on-site classes.



Deepen your relaxation by getting a massage in one of our on-site treatment studios. Our licensed massage therapists are some of the best on the island.

Otter Lodge

Otter Lodge Deck

Visit the Otter Lodge for a cup of tea, to peruse our library, relax on the deck or connect to Wi-Fi for a spell.

Doe Bay Store

DB Store

Check in and out at the Doe Bay Store, where you can also grab gifts, groceries, or supplies.

Guest Kitchen

Guest Kitchen Outside

If you are camping or without kitchen facilities in your accommodation, Guest Kitchen is the perfect place to cook a meal, store your perishables, and dine on one of our indoor or outdoor tables.

Fire Ring

Fire Circle

Gather around the fire with old friends and new.