Is Doe Bay handicapped accessible?

We have two cabins that are dedicated to accessibility: Mandala and Hara, both of which have ramps. The Spa area also has a handicapped accessible gate and there are dedicated handicapped parking spots in front of the Café.  The paths within the resort are dirt paths but our guests with wheelchairs have used them with no issues.  Please be aware that Otter Lodge has steps going down to the reading room.

Is Doe Bay kid-friendly?

Absolutely! Children are encouraged and stay free. They love our playground, the beaches and our Café’s Kids Menu.

Are pets welcome?

Yes. We have pet friendly accommodations in the upper field where there is lots of open space for pets. We do charge a $20 nightly fee for pets in cabins, or a $20 one time fee for yurts and camping. Please note: only service dogs are allowed in the Café.

Is there Wi-Fi?

While you are encouraged to disconnect, we do understand the importance of staying connected! That being said, we have made VAST resort-wide improvements to our Wi-Fi signal and coverage.

Which accommodations are closest to the café and store?

The lower field accommodations are closest to the Café and Store: Little House, Otter’s Dream, Peapod, Blakely, and Cypress. View the resort map for more details.

Which accommodations are closest to the Spa?

Harbor House is right next door. Doe Baby, Do Re Me and Patos are also good choices.  View the resort map for more details.

Which accommodations have the best views?

Little House and Cypress are right on the water. Sweet Spot and Orca yurts  look out to the sea. Sea, Neptune and Beach yurts look out onto Otter Cove. Most of the campsites on the point have excellent views. View the resort map for more details.

Do I have to stay for two nights?

Yes, we do have a two night minimum. We can sometimes be flexible depending upon the season and accommodation, but never more than a few days in advance. We do charge a 10% fee housekeeping fee on all one night approved stays.

Do you provide linens in cabins and yurts?

Yes, sheets and towels are provided year round in all of our cabins. Please note, our yurts are outfitted only in season with beds and linens.

Are the cabins supplied with cookware and dishware?

Yes, cookware and dishware are provided.

Can I store food somewhere?

Yes, if your accommodations do not have kitchen facilities, you may store food in the guest kitchen where we have two refrigerators. Please label food with date and name so we can clear things out as needed.

Can I do laundry there?

No, we have no laundry facilities on-site. Country Corner is the laundromat on the island.

Do you have a safe or lockers for valuables?


Do I need to make dinner reservations for the café?

Yes, it is highly recommended. The Café is especially busy in the summer season. Friday is the busiest night, followed by Saturday. Call 360-376-8059 to make a reservation.

Is the café vegan?

No. We serve seafood, dairy and other animal products. Our menu is seasonal and local, so it varies all the time, but there are vegetarian options which may be suitable or might be made dairy-free.

Can the café accommodate my food restrictions?

We will definitely try our best. We regularly work with gluten-free and dairy-free options. Please be sure to let us know what you need.

Does the café have a kids menu?

Yes. Take a look at our sample menus.

Do I need to reserve a space in the yoga classes?

No, you are welcome to just show up. Drop in fee is $10. Check the Events Calendar for class schedules.

Do I need to schedule a massage before we arrive?

We recommend that, yes, but can sometimes schedule an appointment on short notice. Massages can be booked online or through our front desk at 360-376-2291.