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Doe Bay is a romantic, magical setting for the couple seeking a unique and extraordinary venue in which to honor and celebrate their commitment.

The number of weddings we are able to hold at Doe Bay in the summer is limited. We generally host around 6 weddings from June through September. Wedding weekends tend to book out a year or more in advance. Contact us now to inquire!

If an early summer, spring, or fall wedding appeals to you, you will have more available choices AND you can take advantage of lower shoulder season rates.

Café buyout wedding celebrations (up to 85 guests) are only available from mid-September until Mid-June.

Weddings at Doe Bay are both rustic and elegant, with a stunning backdrop of pristine Pacific Northwest waterfront and exquisite catering by our own Doe Bay Café. All meals are made from the freshest, organically grown food available from our region.

Bring your friends and families together for a peaceful, intimate gathering where the focus is on your union, surrounded by those who are most important to you. The serenity and natural charm of Doe Bay allows you and your guests to unwind and relax throughout the entire event.

The resort has a wide range of accommodations suitable for the preferences of your guests, from multi-room fully equipped cabins, to yurts and domes, to campsites with amazing views. There are plenty of activities to keep your party entertained during their stay, including our sauna and secluded outdoor soaking tubs, yoga and massage, guided kayak tours and beautiful hikes.

Our warm and welcoming staff is dedicated to meeting your wedding needs with a skillfully planned event that you and your guests will cherish. Please contact our Events Coordinator with further questions regarding available dates, catering and catering rentals.

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Celebrate your special day with us and discover the magic of Doe Bay!

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Doe Bay Wedding Testimonials

Doe Bay was a picture perfect wedding weekend getaway for us to celebrate our union with our closest friends and family. The highlights were the unparalleled, breathtaking location, top notch farm to table cuisine, friendly, accommodating staff and rustic, laid-back vibes that made this the most magical weekend of our lives.
~ Julie & Kevin – September 2017

Our wedding was indescribably magical, and the setting at Doe Bay was a huge part of that. It was incredible to bring our loved ones to a place that is so special to us. Doe Bay will always be a place we return to relive our wedding, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the gift you’ve all given us!
~ Molly and Adam – June 2017

Our wedding at Doe Bay was my dream wedding come true. We lucked out with perfect weather, but everything else was already perfect. The coordinator, the caterer, and the venue were incredibly competent, helpful, and generous with their time, energy, and talents. Our guests were blown away by the beautiful location and the top notch food and service. Many of them had never been to the San Juan Islands before and would probably never have had an excuse to come out here otherwise. What a wonderful way to show off the gem of the Pacific Northwest! We could not have asked for a more fun, stress-free wedding experience. I highly recommend Doe Bay for anyone wanting a gorgeous, natural setting where guests can spend the whole weekend relaxing and celebrating.
~ Molly and Matthew – May 2017

During an amazing post-wedding brunch at the Doe Bay Cafe on Sunday morning surrounded by our closest friends and family, we reflected on our wedding weekend and couldn’t think of a single thing we would have changed. From Friday afternoon when we arrived at Doe Bay, the amazing staff helped get us checked into cabins and yurts tucked throughout the resort and all of our guests were able to gather around the Retreat House; sitting in the sun and getting to meet each other, some for the first time, in a wonderful low-key setting. The night ended with a soak in the hot baths and sauna and a roaring bonfire, under a full moon overlooking the Puget Sound. Our wedding day was flawless with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the water. In such an enchanting setting, later, we barely noticed the little bit of Pacific Northwest drizzle while we ate an incredible dinner of salmon and vegetables fresh from the Doe Bay Garden under a tent with open views of the beauty of Doe Bay. As the sun began to set and we moved into the Yoga studio for some entertainment and toasts, folks who had been strangers on Friday were now good friends, laughing together into the late night which ended with some pretty amazing late-night grilled cheeses. Doe Bay and the resort staff were the true stars of the weekend, working tirelessly in the background to create a flawless, personal and one of a kind wedding against the most beautiful backdrop in the Pacific Northwest. We will never ever forget this weekend and can’t wait to come back for many more anniversaries to come.
~ Noelle and Chris – May 2016

Our wedding was more than I ever could have hoped for. What made our wedding so phenomenal was the positive energy, love and sense of community that everyone exuded during our wedding weekend. Because Doe Bay is such a magical place I believe that it enhanced everyone’s sense of peace and tranquility which made all the love flow that much more freely. It was also incredibly special that we got to spend the whole weekend with our loved ones and share a place that we hold so close to our hearts. One of my favorite memories of our wedding weekend was the morning of our ceremony. We had scheduled a yoga class that everyone was invited to attend, and I remember walking into the studio and seeing so many faces of our different friends and family, some of whom had never done yoga before, all participating in the class. Starting the day off with that sense of togetherness and support set the tone for the rest of the weekend.
~ Kendra and Daniel – July 2012

Doe Bay Resort is a special place and the only venue in the entire Northwest that could give us the kind of wedding we wanted – a retreat for a large number of guests to stay together and get a true taste of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer, from spotting whales on the ferry ride, to incredible sunsets, hiking, kayaking, seafood and beauty. Our guests from around the world were smitten. Thank you!
~ Anonymous couple